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Wireless Socket

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    If you are looking for professional wireless socket manufacturers and suppliers in China, then you can make contact with XILONG and wholesale customized, cheap and low price wireless socket from our factory.

    wireless socket


    1.Exquisite appearance, microcomputer intelligent control, stable and reliable;

    2.5-way learning, up to 5 transmitters in each learning channel;

    3.GSM SMS control, APP control, compatible with Android and iphone;

    4.Independent control, alarm linkage control;

    5.With Manual control switch function;

    Technical Parameters:

    1.Power: 110-240VAC

    2.Working current: Static: ? 20mA Dynamic: ? 100mA

    3.Wireless frequency: 868 MHz


    Pictures and product description:

    Indicator lights description



    Socket power-off indicator light










    Mains normal

    Mains Off

    Power connect

    power socket

    Start install

    Exit install

    Operation uses:

    Connect the power ,buzzer "beep" sound, long power indicator light, to enter the work state;

    A.Work with Alarm host

    independent control

    Socket Power Type

    Power on

    Power Off

    APP control

    Touch the power on icon

    Touch the power off icon

    SMS control

    channel 1

    password + 31

     Channel 1

    password + 32

     channel 2

    password + 33

     Channel 2

    password + 34

     channel 3

    password + 35

     Channel 3

    password + 36

     Channel 4

    password + 37

     Channel 4

    password + 38

    Socket status

    Buzzer "beep" sound,
         Socket power-off indicator light long bright

    Buzzer "beep, beep" twice,
         Socket power light goes off

    Ps:APP and GSM SMS can’t control the five-way switch, because it belongs to the alarm linkage control;

    A. Alarm Control: The host alarm would automatically connect linkage socket when it rings; and joint socket power off when the alarm stop or disarm the host .

    Note: The implementation of this feature, the host must learn to configure the wireless smart socket 5 way;

    B. supporting the use of the remote control: the remote control "emergency key" buzzer "beep" sound, long-outlet power-off indicator light, power socket conduction; the remote control "disarm key" buzzer "beep, beep" twice, outlet power light goes off, disconnect the power socket; 

    PS: The implementation of this feature, the remote control must learn to configure the wireless smart socket 5 way

    C. manually force control the use of: 

    1.according to the mandatory socket power button, buzzer "beep" sound, long-outlet power-off indicator light, power socket conduction; 

    2.according to the mandatory socket off button, buzzer "beep, beep" twice, outlet power light goes off, disconnect the power socket;

    The increase or decrease in learning how to operate: 

    Description: 1.wireless smart socket for learning five-way, each can learn connected with five launchers, automatic cycle cover; 

    2.the number of five-way button and start learning by learning key corresponds to the first one by a road; press twice for the first two-way, the following table


    1 channel

    2 channel

    3 channel

    4 channel

    5 channel

    Control Type

    Independent control

    Independent control

    Independent control

    Independent control

    Alarm linkage control

    Learning the start button is pressed times






    PS: After the first button, buzzer "beep" sound, learning long bright lights; after each time you press the buzzer are "tick" sound;

    Increase configuration operations: 

    1.touch the start button to begin study, choose the channel first, and then click the Enter key learning buzzer long "beep -" sound into learning State; 

    2.triggering the transmitter twice to get configured, learning success when the buzzer gave five sound "beep, beep, beep, beep, beep" 

    PS: a.if the buzzer only gave two "beep, beep", while the learning lamp off, means learning configuration failed and should re-operate; 

    b.learning to wait the longest 15 seconds, until automatic exit after learning the state, "beep, beep" twice

    Deletion configuration operations: 

    Press the start button to learn more than five seconds then release, wireless socket "tick" sound, after learning the indicator flashes once extinguished, deleted successfully; 

    PS: This action will delete all the configuration has been successfully learning transmitter;

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