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GSM Solar Alarm Operation Instructions

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    If you are looking for professional gsm solar alarm operation instructions manufacturers and suppliers in China, then you can make contact with XILONG and wholesale customized, cheap and low price gsm solar alarm operation instructions from our factory.

    ?GSM solar alarm operation instructions


    1?beautiful, delicate, waterproof structure;
    2?microcomputer intelligent control, stable performance, first-class quality;
    3? GSM SMS programming, SMS control, 20 wireless defense;
    4? GSM SMS, remote control and control of cloth, garrison operations;
    5? "learning" operation with wireless detector;
    6?built in rechargeable lithium battery, solar charging;
    7? with anti tamper alarm function;

    1?Static current:<40;Alarm current:<220mA
    2?Back-up battery: 3.7v 4400ma / h
    3?The solar charging current: 330mA
    4?Continuous cloudy standby time: =5 days
    5?Electricity charge: 110 ~ 240VAC, USB 5V, charge time: =8 hours
    6?the longest sound and light alarm time: 1 minutes.
    7?receiving distance: =150 meters (open area)
    8?alarm volume: =105db.
    9?Receivingfrequency: 433MHz
    10?2-Band GSM: GSM900/1800Mhz
    11?Learning to match: up to 20 wireless detectors
    12?Product dimension:262×204×61(mm)

    4?Operation using
    a?Use of preparatory work before:
    1, install the SIM card: SIM card will be valid SIM card is inserted accurately;
    2, connect the power: Connect the mains power supply and turned on, the alarm "beep" sound, while warning light flashes 4 times, the green lights flash for a few seconds and then slowly GSM flash into standby mode;
    3, check the host GSM signal strength is sufficient:

    GSM signal is normal

    Signal malfunction or SIM card is not inserted

    Green GSM signal lights flash once interval of about one second

    GSM signal green light does not shine or flash signal search

    b?modify the password settings: Edit "888,888 + 9 + # + # six new password" message content sent to the alarm, the alarm "beep" sound after the reply SMS "set successfully", said the success of password changes ; Note: The factory setting is "888888";
    c?operation using:
    Remote control: press the remote protection key, warning lights flashing 1 times, while the alarm beep sound after 5 successful;
    SMS: Edit "password + 1" Content SMS sent to alarm, the alarm after the "beep" at reply message "System Armed";
    Note: a, remote protection automatically delay 5 seconds in defense state; without delay GSM SMS;
    b, in defense state after the alarm lamp is about 1 times every 3 seconds flash;
    Remote Control: Click the disarm button on the remote control, alarm, "beep, beep" twice, while warning lights flash twice, disarm success;
    SMS: Edit "password + 0" Content SMS sent to the alarm, the alarm "beep, beep" after at reply message "System Disarmed";

    3, Alarm state:
    The deployment of state supporting the trigger detector, immediately alarm the high decibel alarm warning lights, strobe.
    Note: the alarm the longest 1 minutes, then resume automatic alarm state; or disarm operation automatic recovery standby;
    4, GSM short message emergency alarm: Edit "password + 8" texting to alarm, alarm message is received immediately after the high decibel alarm, warning strobe lights.
    At the same time reply message "System Alarm";

    5?change the configuration of wireless detectors operate
    Increased configuration:
    1, standby mode, click "learn" button, warning lights long bright;
    2, the trigger twice to configure the remote control or wireless detectors, warning lights flash five times off, the configuration of learning success; If warning light does not shine directly off, school failure, re-operation;
    Note: a, be increased to configure operation, you can only operate the remote control or configure a wireless detector;
    b, each alarm can be connected with up to 20 remote control or wireless detectors;
    Deletion configuration: standby mode, long press the "learn" button for 5 to 10 seconds after the release, after the warning light will flash off, the deletion of success;
    Note: When the deletion operation, will all have to learn to configure the remote control or wireless infrared detector delete all out;

    6?the initial password recovery
    In standby mode, press and hold the "learn" button for 12 seconds and release the buzzer long "beep -" five seconds, password recovery success;
    Note: The initial password is 888888

    7?tamper alarm: the energized state will immediately remove wireless alarm alarm;

    8?the battery voltage indicator: the deployment of state, when the warning lights stop flashing every 3 seconds, said the battery voltage is low;

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